Intuitive consultant sessions with Ameshia,

are uplifting and empowering. They give you confirming insight on past, present, and current situations. That insight will leave you with more opportunities for future endeavors. Intuitive readings are designed for you to win!  We will discuss your current situation in life, what path you are on, and what you should be doing moving forward to make sure you are in the right space to receive all abundance that life has your name written all over it. I use the Voyager Tarot deck to help create maps into your life. They sometimes reveal numbers to be aware of, people who have crossed over, new opportunities and so much more. We often receive messages from spirit guides and the universe. All readings are different and unique, they all reveal different messages at different times. It is definitely an inspirational experience, but don’t let me convince you read my reviews! ( Please note readings are done via phone, face-time, and tango. All readings are done on an eastern time zone, please adjust your time with eastern time when scheduling readings. PLEASE BOOK at least 48hrs prior to your requesting time to avoid cancellations. Further instructions will be sent via email upon your request for booking. Thank you for your interest, I cant wait to hear from you!)

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30 min sessions: $45

1hr sessions: $75