Wake & Bake Smokers Blend & Tea


Smokers Blends are abundance in so many ways and could also be used as tea! add hot water to a tea spoon of the blend (you can empty a regular tea bag and fill it with the blend). But back to the Smokers! They have healing properties for your spiritual and physical body. They taste delicious and smooth, they help to stretch the amount of tree you use. For an example if you smoked from a bong all week you could probably preserve 3.5 grams a week as a "smoker a real smoker" because real smokers may buy a 3.5 every couple days. With Smokers blends they act as funnel as well as when you use papers and also like I said before a tree stretcher. You don't need that much tree to get high, as much as you would use in a small bong is all you need in 1 jay (small nugget). Enjoy the spiritual and physical healing properties of my hand made Smokers Blend! 



orange peel

chamomile flower

peppermint leaf

alfalfa leaf 


this has not been tested by the FDA!


Chamomile helps attract abundance. This pleasant tasting spiritual herb relaxes your energy, which allows you to become receptive. The Universe and God always have your best interests in mind. When things seem challenging, it can be for one of two reasons: You are trying to go in a different direction than where you are truly being guided, or you are unwilling to receive help and support along the way. When you drink chamomile, you let down your guard and let in the healing love of God and your angels.





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