Knotted Pillow


Pillow Magic is something that I (Artist Ameshia) created. Pillows remind you of comfort and home. These pillows are designed to vibrate magic into your space. Pillows to stuff your prayers, pillows to encourage bonds, marriages, friendships etc. Pillows to welcome new babies, new responsibilities, and new journeys. 

The knotted pillow can be a great wedding gift or a gift to self on a new journey. The knotted pillow represents commitment, longevity, rootedness and magic. 

The prayer pillow with prayer pocket has been used for baby showers, encouraging guest to write small prayers to the new baby/ family, to kept sacredly in the pocket while baby takes on her/his journey  in life. Prayer pillows can be given to encourage healing spiritually, mentally, or physically. Prayer pillows are the perfect gift for any age or occasion. 

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